Sindicate - é uma plataforma digital que pretende reunir novos talentos no mundo de moda. Consiste num espaço digital que tenciona dar oportunidade a jovens criadores para exporem o seu trabalho online, criando desta maneira uma comunidade.
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Sindicate is a digital platform that aims
to put together new talents into fashion's world.
It consists in a digital space that intends to give
to young creators an opportunity to show their work online,
creating in this way a community.

This project proposes a new collaboration formula,
changing the paradigm of the designer as an individual being in favor of a collective concept.
The community offers to the creative members the opportunity
to each have their own page on the web site. Members will be able to share
their individual projects and through this dynamic the platform will also achieve greater visibility.

The community pursue to unite the individual effort of each one,
in order to transform it in a good team work.
In addition to coexisting in the same web space,
the Sindicate intends to do projects through collaborations.
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