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We all die alone. we all stop breathing.  but before that happens ... stop ... and live!
Fotógrafo:  @TIRED_BOY___       // modelo: @VANCRSANTOS
Society proposes that you do what everyone wants you to do. but you don't have to!
Today is one less day in your life. therefore, live everything you need to live. live your truth your reality.

Breathe! it may be the last time.
live! because it could be your last.

This collection is a dip in the personality of the people around me. An analysis made in a non-palpable measure, slowly matured with the development of the creative process. The internal demon of each analyzed Being appears: the depressive cycles, fears and layers of anxiety. personal resolution problems that are often classified and pointed out in others without any filter. thus provoking a vicious process of aggressive destruction from one being towards the other.

A selfish behavior that leads to projecting personal fears on others, thus generating more fears.
Mirror behavior. What You offer to be reflected is sent back.
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